Music Streaming Industry Will See Double-Digit Growth, Analyst Says While Picking Favorite Stocks Warner Music Group NASDAQ:WMG, Apple NASDAQ:AAPL, Spotify Technology NYSE:SPOT

Morgan Stanleyanalyst Ben Swinburne reiterated his forecast of double-digit music industry streaming growth for years, even in a slowing economy. Gains in revenue and cash flow can help to finance new content production. New digital technology applications represent a key growth driver. Watch for companies that are using new technology to boost revenues and earnings.

“Now, the strategy is becoming a lot more refined. They’re understanding why tracks are breaking and how they’re breaking. And it’s really just sort of reverse engineering that.” Like many major labels and managers, Sean also has used TikTok as a tool to discover new artists. He signed the singer Véyah after finding her on TikTok, where she has more than 470,000 followers. “I’m reaching a brand-new fan ATFX Forex Broker Review base,” Sean said in an interview. “I’ve been doing music for 20 years, so some of them were just kids when my music came out and they’re starting to discover my back catalog through this. So it really is quite a fascinating tool for that.” “It’s a household name and it’s really effective,” said Mary Rahmani, a former TikTok executive who last year founded the agency and record label Moon Projects.

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It also includes companies offering and/or producing entertainment content streamed online. Our research report has extensively covered external factors influencing the parent market growth during the forecast period. The expanding variety of stock music is the primary trenddriving the stock music market growth.The demand for stock music is influenced by its widespread use as background music. Stock music tracks are widely used in TV programs, corporate videos, on-hold production, and websites. RF (royalty-free) music tracks are extensively used in YouTube videos.

In 2019, streaming service paid subscriptions grew by 30%, generating over $60m in revenues, compared with $45m in 2018. What is also very bullish is the expectation that the company will not only continue to be profitable, but will increase its profitability soon. EPS of 12 cents is expected for 2023 and EPS of 20 cents is expected for 2024. The firm went public back in Jul. 2021 via a special purpose acquisition company merger. Its financial performance is sound in its first year of trading on the Nasdaq exchange. The company generates positive free cash flow and net income growth is very strong.

For the quarter ending on Mar. 31, 2022, the net income grew 313.93% to $8.9 million. Shares of Reservoir Media have lost approximately 17% year-to-date. However, there is a lot of momentum in this music stock that investors will like.

This led to the resumption of movie and TV production activities since the first half of 2021, which will drive the demand for stock music from these end-users during the forecast period. Epidemic Sound AB – Under the personal segment, the company offers music for content creators, which are cleared for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Podcast, and Twitch. This segment offers professionally composed music for use without ever getting copyright strikes. The company’s key offerings include stock music, such as royalty-free stock music for videos, streaming, and podcasts. With an ongoing global pandemic crushing the music industry this past year, investing in music stocks could generate very rewarding returns.

  • Spotify is a digital streaming service that has entirely changed the way we listen to music.
  • As a form of entertainment, music is timeless, but the music industry itself has been seriously disrupted over the past generation.
  • We have something for everyone, including trading options for those with small accounts.
  • North America will register the highest growth rate of 43.15% among the other regions.
  • How to Invest in 5G While this next-gen technology is adopted, these companies may make good places for your money.

Tencent has 13% of the global market share, although mostly concentrated around its borders. In 2021, the platform had over 790M users and it has a significant market share in China. One of the most important entertainment segments is streaming.

By allowing a music stock exchange, MusicStockExchange® is a game changer for both the music and investment industries. Most types of music royalties do not immediately react to price inflation. As discussed, many royalty rates are regulated with a rate structure set for multi-year periods.

Baldwin pianos, Guitammer ButtKicker bass shakers, Singing Machine karaoke systems and Apogee digital audio equipment are all made by publicly traded companies. Mutual funds that invest in items that customers buy with discretionary income usually include music companies and media conglomerates, as well. Investing in music stocks can be an effective way to diversify your portfolio. There are multiple ways of investing in music and entertainment shares, such as share trading.

Spotify’s shares on the NYSE are pretty static at present, which is a welcome state compared to earlier this year. At the beginning of 2021, the stock soared to over 165% but soon after lost 40% of its value, making it overvalued. However, the company recovered by repurchasing its shares and is now in a position to grow over the next ten years. Still, increasing advertising is a bold step and a potential hit on user experience. Though most likely, membership will not decrease significantly due to this. It could deter people from streaming on the platform casually.

At the higher end of the market, a Stradivarius violin isn’t just a beautiful instrument. When the “Lady Blunt” violin sold in 2011 for almost $16 million, it achieved an annual return of more than 12 percent in the 40 years since its sale in 1971. At a lower entry price, records and posters are also collectible as are autographs and vintage electric guitars. In short, many find music IP investing attractive given greater stability, recurring income, attractive relative yields, and lack of correlation to the broader market.

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Apple can also innovate in the same growth opportunities as I mentioned above. Between 2010 and 2020, Spotify’s market share rose from 7% to 83% in the US. During this period, Apple’s monopoly with iTunes came to an end. In addition to its current holdings, Warner Music Group also owns other record labels, like Asylum, Atlantic, and Elektra. Apple has $192.7 billion in cash and assets on its financial sheet in addition to its ability to set prices. Rising interest rates due to high inflation translate into greater returns on that money.

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In 2013, Key Capital Partners provided funds to develop the company’s website, and the company has now opened distribution centres in Sweden and Germany. Gear4Music developed further in 2003 as they identified a low price strategy for supplying musical instruments to music stores, schools, and colleges cheaper than the traditional outlets. A good sign that a company is growing is when it acquires another popular name, especially a direct competitor. This made Sirius XM the largest audio entertainment company in North America.

Today, WMG is a publicly-traded company with a market capitalization of more than $21 billion. How to Invest in 5G While this next-gen technology is adopted, these companies may make good places for your money. While the recent recovery bodes well, the company faces significant competitive threats over the long term from digital competitors and even remote work, which reduces commuting time. When live music events are able to occur unrestricted, Live Nation should see a huge boost in revenue. “A lot of the time they were just kind of throwing money at agencies and hoping for them to place it with their influencers,” he said.

How to Invest in Music Stocks

Online marketplace platforms, such as Royalty Exchange, are making direct ownership of music IP assets more accessible for the average investor. However, there is some work required on the part of an investor to properly value the catalog, as opposed to relying on the managers of a record label, publisher, or music royalty fund to do this. In the private market, Shamrock Capital recently closed a $400 million fund focused on music and other content IP. Round Hill Music has mentioned that it is currently fundraising for its third music IP fund. However, these private royalty funds typically have significant minimum investment amounts ($5+ million), meaning their target investors are institutions and ultra-high net worth investors.

From the iPod to iTunes, to the tech company’s wonderful AirPods, chief executive officer Tim Cook and company continue to drive the music industry higher. For whatever reason, music stocks don’t strike Umarkets Broker review: a strong trading partner a chord with investors. That’s because it’s not really an area of focus for most investors. When it comes to festivities and celebrating, investors are more likely to dwell on food and beverage stocks.

music industry stocks

This is where an investor purchases a stock and pays the full amount upfront, taking ownership of the asset. Fidelity Select Multimedia The investment seeks capital appreciation. The fund uses fundamental analysis of factors such as each issuer’s financial condition and industry position, as well as market and economic conditions to select investments.

Even though Warner Music covers all music mediums, digital is the clear growth driver. It’s no secret the world is shifting to streaming music platforms, leaving nostalgic physical music playing second fiddle. Like everything else, consumers are paying more to listen to their favorite artists and binge-watch their favorite shows these days.

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE: TME)

Even concert promoters doing brisk post-pandemic business were affected. The music concert might be recession-proof, but concert companies’ Deriv Forex Broker stocks aren’t immune from economic upheaval. I included them on the list because they are essential to the music industry.

Our analysis of the Life Cycle of the market indicates a movement from the innovator’s stage to the laggard’s stage. The report illustrates the lifecycle of the market, focusing on the adoption rates of the major countries, including the US, China, Japan, the UK, and France. Technavio has included key purchase criteria, adoption rates, adoption lifecycles, and drivers of price sensitivity to help companies evaluate and develop growth strategies from 2022 to 2027. In addition to music, Apple is involved in our everyday lives of technology.

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